Fact #40: Every November 5th I watch V For Vendetta. I don’t care whats going on that day, I have made this a tradition and its not one I will be giving up.

Fact #39: I like ONE (1) Justin Bieber song and one only; As Long As You Love Me.

The lyrics are good and the beat is decent.

Fact #38: I really like Darjeeling tea.

Fact #37: I adore anything Eeyore related.

Fact #36: I chew on earphone cords.

Fact #35: I have low self confidence at times that come out of nowhere.

Fact #34: I don’t do well in long distance relationships but I would give it a shot if I really thought it could work

Fact #33: I tend to fall fast so the worst possible thing you could to me is give me hope.

Fact #32: I’m kick-ass at Scrabble.

Fact #31: I still listen to Nickelback despite what people say about them.

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